Selfie Culture is Out of Control

Gia Easter, Page Editor

Many of us can admit our phone is a big part of our lives, holding our memories of our family and friends. Our best moments can be captured on our phone, but many people get caught up in the thought of getting the “perfect photo.” Constant photos can really ruin the moment.  

Storing memories storing keeping memories. (Credit: lifewire)

For example, when you are at the beach and its sunset, all you want to do is capture the moment on your phone. Then photo after photo you are witnessing the moment that is right in front of you through your phone. Do not get me wrong, I would like to take a picture of the sunset as well. But put your phone away and witness it in real-life. Selfies can get in the way of others’ enjoyment. Everyone nowadays must take a picture of everything and everyone. We need to step back and realize the moment you witness through your eyes is more memorable than looking through your phone. Logan Bissett (10th grade) “I take appreciation of sunsets and also like taking pictures of them, but this also got me thinking about how maybe I should put my phone away”.

To go along with the “perfect-picture,” many people want to live the life they do not have, social media has had a significant impact on that. Others compare their life on other “perfect pictures” wishing they had that life. That is not how it really was, social media is just a social construct, meant to make people feel better about themselves. This picture does not change your life they just make you feel better about yourself, that “perfect picture” does not change your life.