Review: Disney’s Encanto

Nicole Powichroski, Staff Writer

Disney recently released a new animated film taking place in Colombia called “Encanto.” The film follows the life of a young girl and her family who are all granted gifts by a candle her abuela was given after her abuelo died. The family are all given gifts like healing, super strength, beauty, talking to animals the list goes on. The main character though, Mirabel, was not granted a gift. She has to learn to find her fit in the town and with her family being different than others. 

The movie is a good lesson on family and remembering what is most important in life which is caring for others even when it seems like everything, they do messes up what you have built because family is family. Throughout the movie you learn the family gift is breaking and Mirabel goes on her journey to whether or not she will fix the family curse to re strengthen the family gift. 

It accurately recipes traditional Colombian culture with the river, homes, and street stores around the village, as well as traditional food that is shown very commonly around the movie like arepas and empanadas. As someone who is Colombian it was enjoyable to see Colombian culture displayed in such popular franchise because more popular Spanish countries like Mexico, Cuba, and Spain are more subject to get cinematic recognition. All around the movie would receive an 8.5/10 for being a children’s movie it was great.