Tasting with Tara: Ranking My Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

Tara Goff, Graphics Co-captain

As a vegetarian, I have always favored the sides of the Thanksgiving rather than the infamous main course. Despite this, the holiday is not without good food with good company, and I always end the night with a full stomach on the couch. Here are my top picks from the Thanksgiving menu. 

In my house, the pies are always made before the rest of the meal. The smell fills the kitchen, making our mouths water. (Credit: Tara Goff)

First off is the mashed potatoes. While I am typically one who favors sweet potatoes over regular, mashed potatoes are a special treat that I always load up on during the holiday season. The best part is being able to enhance the flavor with butter and salt – no gravy for me.  

Next is the cranberry sauce, which, in my opinion, must be made with real cranberries as opposed to the jelly-like mush that comes from a can. This tart yet sweet side perfectly balances out the salty carbs on my plate. At my Thanksgiving dinners, my mother mixes orange juice into the cranberry sauce, making for a delicious combination and helping balance out the tart fruit. 

Although some may think macaroni and cheese does not belong at Thanksgiving dinner, it is a staple main course in my vegetarian household. We have it homemade and this is a special treat compared to a box of Kraft. When it comes out of the oven with a crispy baked top, I truly feel like it is Thanksgiving, and this is probably my favorite part of the whole meal. As a bonus, the leftovers always taste as good as the original dish on Thanksgiving. 

Ending the night on a sweet note, I always enjoy slices of pumpkin and chocolate pie. Especially because pumpkin is not easy to find the rest of the year, I take slices that are bigger than my stomach can handle. The sweet filling perfectly compliments the buttery crust, and, when topped with homemade whipped cream, I cannot wait to have more for breakfast the next day.