Tame Impala New Single “No Choice” 

Nicole Powichroski, Staff Writer

Tame Impala indie musical group known for their hit songs like “The Less I know the Better,” and “Borderline are one of the most influential psychedelic music groups of todays day in age. They are no shy to making uplifting music with relatable and even sad lyrics that make you question whether or not you should cry, scream, or smile. 

December 7th 2021 Tame Impala released a new single called “No Choice” which was a continuation from their previous hit album “The Slow Rush,” from 2020. The song is three minutes and forty-one seconds talking about how no matter what he has no choice but to do what’s best for him and break the news to his lover that he has to leave. The relatable lyrics make it the perfect for any high school heartbreak. All around it fits the overall vibe of their music perfectly and the lyrics hit hard giving it an al around 9/10. 

With the release of the new single Tame Impala announced 2022 tour dates to take place in winter and spring, as well as word of the release of their upcoming deluxe box set edition of “The Slow Rush.” It is said to release February 18th, 2022, and is set to include their new single “Np Choice” as well as leaked unofficially released songs such as “Patience” and “The Boat I row.”