Astroworld Festival Gone Awry

Devyn Hlavek, Staff Writer

Astroworld is among other tragic festivals and concerts that ended with deaths due to the unsafe atmosphere. (Credit: Devyn Hlavek)

People quickly began fighting for their lives at the Astroworld festival when spectators began storming into the venue in attempt to get a spot closest to the stage.

Audience members fell, struggled for air and were even trampled and crushed by concert goers who could not stop to help because everyone was at risk.

The result of this tragedy was 10 deaths, hundreds of injured people, and almost 300 lawsuits. The deaths could have been easily avoided if proper precautions were taken regarding safety.  

When Travis Scott took the stage, chaos broke out as almost 50,000 people began rushing towards the stage leading many people with extensive injuries.

People in the crowd began screaming for help and begging Travis Scott to stop the concert. However, he ignored his fans and continued his set with no regard to the injuries and deaths that were taking place in front of him.

Ambulances had to push through the crowd in order to give the necessary medical attention. People began panicking and were trying to jump over fences and climb on top of police cars in an attempt to avoid injury.

A worker even informed Travis Scott of what was happening, but he refused to stop.

Kaitlyn Kirksey, Sophomore, said, “I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in that situation and it’s especially concerning that Travis Scott did not stop the concert when people were being injured.” 

The morning after, fans woke up to social media posts about the incident and every news outlet covering the tragedy.

Grace Engel, Sophomore, expressed, “when I opened social media, I began seeing people discussing what had taken place. I realized it could have happened anywhere and you never know what an event will be like.”

People who attended the concert began posting their experience to popular social media apps to inform people of how inconsiderate Scott was of what was happening of his event. His ignorance led to the deaths of young and lively people who could have lived a long and full life. 

All of the victims were under 30 years old including a 9-year-old boy. His family has since filed a 1-million-dollar lawsuit against Scott and the festival organizers. This is among almost 300 lawsuits that have been filed.  

In order to prevent what happened to the Astroworld victims you should make sure you know how to prevent dangerous situations and know what to do if you’re in danger.

Sophomore, Kaitlyn Kirksey said, “I will make sure to take safety precautions when I go to concerts to make sure I don’t end up in a situation like the people at Astroworld.”

When you arrive at the concert be sure you are aware of situations that could potentially be dangerous. If you feel the crowd start to push against each other, you should leave and act before it is too late.

Unfortunately for the Astroworld victims once they felt this it was too late and there was no way to escape. You should also move with the crowd instead of pushing as this is your best chance of being able to breathe and move properly.

However, if you feel as if you can’t breathe, try to preserve room around your chest, so your lungs are able to function properly. Also, look out for others and if you sense danger, you should let your friends know calmly, so there is not panic among the crowd.  

Travis Scott’s concert is a tragic situation, and many Roswell students could not imagine how It felt to be there. It is important that everyone learns from this and knows how to act if they are in a dangerous situation at a concert.

Going to concerts should be a fun and enjoyable experience but can turn deadly without the proper precautions.   

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