Boys’ Varsity Football Versus Meadowcreek


Another Win For the Hornets. Credit: Hannah Dieujuste

Hannah Dieujuste, Writing Coach

Friday the 12th of 2021, Roswell guided us to victory during the Roswell vs Meadowcreek varsity playoffs game. Mill Creek was a really competitive team going into it, but the Roswell Football players know their potential. Roswell would later on by the end of the game show why we’re the Hornets. In the beginning Roswell students came in their 2000s wearing showing spirit for their team. Meadow Creek students did look kind of confused which was amusing. Catching up with Cienna Harris Roswell Sophomore who had some things to say “My friend from middle school’s dad went to Meadow creek high school. He said they were good but we’re going to win.”  

 The score at the end of the first quarter 21-0. The Hornets were taking in the victory while the mustangs had to call a timeout when one of the players got injured. Around this time, I began talking one of our sophomore JROTC members Brinciri Castillo at Roswell High. “We already made a couple of touchdowns. I think we’ll win!” With so much hope from their fans the Hornets weren’t going to let them down. By quarter 2 after the Hornets did it again! With them bringing the score up to 37 and with the Mustangs still having nothing, we all had a feeling who was going to win by the end of the night.  

By Halftime Roswell was still in the lead with 52 and Meadow still with 0. We know Meadowcreek had some fear in their spirits right at the time especially by the night ended. By the end of the night, with Meadowcreek only having 8 and Roswell still having 52, it was clear who had won. Hornets were giving props to the Mustangs for trying their best and scoring 8 points and not leaving with nothing. But still in the end the Mustangs left with a Sting in their butts from the hornets.