Fashion State of Mind: Jewelry Staples


Dainty gold jewelry simple but perfect (credit: Gia easter)

Gia Easter, Staff Writer

Any outfit can be a good outfit but what makes a great outfit is jewelry. That’s why there are some jewelry staples that are must-haves to complete an outfit and have for all occasions. Here are some of my favorite must-haves: 

Any Type of Stud Earring: Studs are truly a must-have accessory. These studs can be for whenever and wherever- from day to night, for work, school or special occasion. To spice it up, if you have a double piercing, wear one cool classic earring and one stud to bring it together. 

Hoop Earrings: Make sure you pick a pair that are scaled to your features; the ideal size is usually between one to two inches, depending on your facial shape. Hoops can add a fun twist to any outfit without going too wild. 

Gold or Silver Classic Chain: This is an easy-to-wear necklace you can wear all day, every day; you can dress it up or down. The “go-with-everything” necklace is an elegant addition that adds the right amount of understated glamour. 

Plain Gold or Silver Rings: The right number of rings can really make your boring looking hands look dainty and put together. In my opinion, rings are a very crucial part of an outfit. For some reason, in my mind, I think it really makes me feel 10 times cuter. 

Layered Necklaces: You can design the layer necklace just as you please with one looking like a choker and one no longer than whatever you’re comfortable with. Again, not too much for an outfit but it can at least add some focus to your neck. 

Any boring outfit can turn into a put-together masterpiece if you add the right jewelry staples!