Review of Talking Heads album “Little Creatures”

Nathaniel Baker, Staff Writer

The album cover featured on the album “Creatures of Love”. (Credit:

Little Creatures (1985) is the 6th studio album released by the popular Rock/New Wave band “Talking Heads.” The album ended up selling 2.5 million copies in the United States, making it their most popular album by 200,000 sales. It received two platinum awards in the United States, one gold in the United Kingdom and Germany, and one platinum in New Zealand.  It also received an album cover of the year award in 1985, from the music company Rolling Stone. 

The songs on this album include, “And She Was,” “Give Me Back My Name,” “Creatures of Love,” “The Lady Don’t Mind,” “Perfect World,” “Stay Up Late,” “Walk It Down,” “Television Man,” and “Road to Nowhere.” Making the total run-time 39 minutes, which makes it one of the shorter albums by the band. 

The album received a rating of 8/10 by critics, which I think it deserved. While not their best album, in my opinion, this ranks high on the list.  

My favorite song on the album is probably “Road to Nowhere,” because of the use of many different instruments that would not be common for Rock artists to use at the time, such as the steel guitar. My least favorite song is “Creatures of Love” because some of the lyrics are just weird and difficult to listen to for me.  

The first song “And She Was” and the last song “Road to Nowhere” both received love and praise for being the best songs on the album and some Heads fans might call them their best songs. 

The blissful and happy songs touch on various topics, such as relationships, sexual tension, not knowing what you want to do in life, and just wandering, but being happy because you have people to keep you company. 

Fans from all sorts of genres can love this album, as it combines a wide variety of genres into one, great album.