Nailed? Or Failed? (Pt.4 of Reviewing Various Nail Products)

Gemma Mueller-Hill, Staff Writer

This Forever Yummy polish is currently only on Amazon! (Credit:

Tis the season to use red nail polish! Although I frequently avoid red nail polish because of my fair complexion, sometimes I can’t resist its bold temptation during the holiday season. Almost every nail polish brand has a bright red polish and it can be difficult to select the best one. This month, I will be reviewing and comparing the Essie Nail polish in the color, “Forever Yummy” and Pure Ice Nail Polish in the color, “Crimson”. 

In order to do this efficiently and fairly, I will be applying the Essie polish to my left hand and the Pure Ice polish to my right hand and comparing them throughout a week of running and schoolwork. The first thing I noticed upon application of the polishes, was that both were opaque but the Pure Ice one had a nice shimmer. I found the application of both to be relatively easy, however the Pure Ice polish was much thinner and would occasionally spread onto my cuticle during application. Throughout the week I noticed the Essie polish was chipping in larger pieces than the Pure Ice. 

Overall, I would rate the “Crimson” polish an 8/10, as it held up pretty well and its shimmer made it seem much more festive. I would rate the “Forever Yummy” polish a 6/10, because it seemed to chip and fade more throughout the week than the Pure Ice and the red color was a little less aesthetic.