Cajun Restaurant Adele’s Now Closed


Photo credit: @adelesoncanton on Instagram

Katherine Holloway, Staff Writer

Right on Canton Street was Cajun restaurant Adele’s in all its glory. Whether it’s the thick stews seasoned to perfection or the crispy bread of a good po’boy, they always get it perfect. Unfortunately, the restaurant has closed down as of Nov. 14, 2021, but I would like to share my memories throughout the years and hopefully get someone hooked on trying some Cajun food.  

Adele’s was opened in 2011 by husband and wife Marc Wegman and Ruth Carr-Wegman. Marc was a chef in New Orleans before he moved up and brought his food up to share with the Roswell community.  

My parents attended Lousiana State University and fell in love with the Cajun dishes while living in Lousiana, but once they moved up to Georgia, they started missing it. I was only in kindergarten when Adele’s opened up about five minutes from my house. My parents were thrilled when they heard about the new Cajun restaurant and not only wanted to relive the days back in Louisiana but also let me and my sisters get a taste of what they’ve been raving about. 

I still remember the first day we went. The place was small and cramped, with no one else there. The owners were welcoming, and the chef always had super cool pants he’d wear. The hard part was choosing what to eat. The stuff on the menu was so foreign to me, but my parents promised me I’d love the shrimp po’boy. I definitely did. Every single time after that, we made it tradition to go to Adele’s on special occasions like birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even high school graduation dinners. I never strayed from getting that shrimp po’boy. 

My grandpa played for the Saints back in 1977 and is now up in Ohio, but whenever he comes to visit, he would insist on having Adele’s every single day he was there. Like my parents, Adele’s was a reminder of where he lived his best life.  

My grandpa came into town on the final day Adele’s was open. We savored our last moments with our favorite restaurant. We took our final pictures with the restaurant owner, who has watched my sisters and I grow for over 10 years, and finally said our goodbyes.