Cafeteria Candy: A Student’s Dream


The cafeteria prepares different types of candy they will begin to serve students the week following spring break.(Credit: Devyn Hlavek)

Devyn Hlavek, Copy Editor

Effective immediately after spring break, the cafeteria staff will begin serving only candy to students as a way to limit complaints about their food and serve a treat many students enjoy. 

The days of hard meatloaf, dry and overcooked beef are finally over. Taking the place of the lunch line will be a candy bar with new treats every day. Juice and milk are also being removed from the cafeteria as they promote too much of a healthy lifestyle. Taking the place of these outdated drinks is unlimited soda machines and a wall of all-you-can-drink slushies.  

“I’m tired of eating the same foods every week, I can’t wait for cafeteria food that I actually want to eat,” expressed Sophomore Karla Banks.  

The cafeteria will still give the feeling of a traditional cafeteria because a majority of the candy will be shaped like traditional foods. Every day the lunch ladies will pick a candy that will be the main dish. The week following spring break will feature candy burgers, fish, chicken, fries and chips.  

This is a big change for the school, but the administration believes it will create a positive attitude towards school lunches and will promote more students to take advantage of free lunches.  

“Although no school has done this before, we believe this will be a good change for Roswell and begin a new era of school food,” said Dr. Shaw.   

Some teachers have expressed their concerns regarding this change because they believe it will make their students too energetic and unfocused. However, many students are ecstatic and cannot wait to have all you can eat candy every day at lunch.  

Mr. Martin believes, “Candy being served in the cafeteria will encourage students to follow the rules and not leave campus during lunch since they have new options at school.” 

 This change comes as a shock to most students since they always believed Roswell would never do something so innovative and new.  

Junior Mark Smith expressed, “I can’t believe we will get free drinks and candy every day. This will be a change from the lunches we are used to.”  

Students assured teachers and administrators that the candy will improve their grades along with their behavior.  

Some students have already had the special opportunity to taste the candy and are counting down the days until it will be served in the cafeteria.  

Sophomore Beth Jones, who had the chance to preview the candy said, “I will definitely be getting school lunch every day, the new candy is so delicious, and the drinks are very refreshing.”