No Breaks for Fulton County this Spring


Roswell students trying to process the news.

Hannah Dieujuste, Staff Writer

Fulton County is known for having basically the shortest breaks in Georgia. There’s Thanksgiving break, Christmas and spring break. But because of a specific number of students deciding to skip classes, there won’t be a spring break. Now we all must remember that spring break is the break we have before exams that makes sure we are passing all our classes. The Fulton County superintendent has gotten so many complaints that students have been skipping and missing important lessons.  he must cancel spring break.

Although, this is a surprising, tragic event, it is a nice lesson to everyone that continues to skip. Elton Jones (11) says, “See, so now everyone that’s skipping is mad at the county, but I say this is what they get. Now I’m a good kid because I don’t skip, so it’s unfair to me that this is happening. I made plans with my friends to go somewhere during spring break. Now I can’t even go!”

Skipping may be fun but it still has its consequences. Now some kids may think twice when it comes to skipping again. We understand that high school can be boring and stressful but that doesn’t mean skipping classes every day is smart. Also, if you’re going to skip, please be wise and don’t do it every day. Use your intelligence and if you’re going to do it don’t skip on an important day.