The New Stinging Slip n’ Slide

Jessie Schwitters, Staff Writer

Fulton County approved for construction of a pool on Roswell’s roof a while ago, Now Dr. Shaw was trying to get approval for a add on of an “Stinging Slip n’ Slide”.

“I talked to the FCS Board about the expansion of our school’s pool in adding a slip n slide. They have improved this endeavor and construction starts next week”- Dr. Shaw

In an interview with Dr. Shaw, he further explained the upcoming slip and slide.

Q- Everyone is very anxious for the impending Slip n’ slide. What should they expect?

A- Students can expect an add on of at least 5 slip n’ slides all around the side of the pool and a new water slide that will enter into the pool”- Shaw

Q- Do you by chance have any concept art or a description of what the new slides might look like?”- The Sting

A- “We do have upcoming concept art.”

Concept art made by FCS Board and Dr. Shaw showing the new slip n’ slides their placement and some new floats that will be added to the pool (Credit: Jessie Schwitters)

Q- Who will be able to use them and when are students allowed to use them.

A- Students on the swim team will have the pool and slip n’ slides available to them at any time during the school week, the pool’s updated hours for everyone will be 7:30 am to 9 pm. Other students will have the opportunity to use them during lunch and after school if the swim team is not using it.

Q- Last question students are wondering is will parents and staff have access to these slides and do you plan on having the school open during the summer for use.

A- Staff will always have access to the pools and slide but are not allowed to use them during school hours, our life couches will always be around to ensure students safety. As for summer we plan on having school open all summer instead of having summer break so students can use the pool at any time.

The Slip n’ Slide construction is set to be finished April 7th, 2022, for the swim team and April 30th for all other students.

“We want to make Roswell High School the most comforting and safe school possible; we think this add on will have serious benefits.”- Dr. Shaw