Students share their opinions on the best Thanksgiving pies


Thanksgiving is like a piece of pie, you never know what you’re gonna choose. Graphic Credit: Cami Schiappa

People celebrate Thanksgiving in many different ways, but something most Thanksgiving dinners have in common is the pies. Some of the most popular pies on Thanksgiving are pumpkin pie, apple pie, and pecan pie. What do Roswell High school student think of the three pies and which is the best?

Freshman Cameron McCabe is not a fan of pumpkin pie, she says “Pumpkin pie taste like it is always over spiced, almost like someone dumped cinnamon in a pan and put it on the table.” Apple pie is her favorite because Cameron says “Apple are my favorite fruit, so the putting it in a pie just makes apple that much better when you put it in a pie.” She also has never had pecan pie, she says “I’m so scared to eat it because it looks unattractive and just gross.”

Freshman Dilyn Duffy definitely has different opinions than Cameron. Pumpkin pie wins the competition for her, she says “Pumpkin pie reminds me of the holidays and the holidays alway make me really happy because I feel closest to my family then.” Dilyn says “pecan pie is fine, but is just not my favorite.” Finally, apple pie is definitely her least favorite, she says “Apple pie is always way to sweet and bitter, then the apples are always soggy and I think it is the worst dessert at Thanksgiving dinner.”

Cameron McCabe and Dilyn Duffy have different opinions on the pie, but in the end everyone has their opinion and to most people Thanksgiving is not always about the food or the pies, but it is about spending time with your family and having people you love close to you.