Making your house festive for Thanksgiving

Jaeden Davis

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When it comes to holiday decor many tend to forget about Thanksgiving. Now, you can use simple items to make your house festive for the holiday. Graphic Credit: Isa Velez

Thanksgiving, a holiday made in the middle of the two most popular holidays of the year: Christmas and Halloween. Thanksgiving is a time to be surrounded around friends and family and enjoy a big feast. Foods include turkey, ham, pumpkin pie and even stuffing. It is a holiday of food and fun.

Thanksgiving originated when the pilgrims made peace with the Americans at Plymouth Plantation. It was a moment that made history and would change our perspective on the holiday in itself. There are about 46 million turkeys eaten every Thanksgiving. Turkey is the face of Thanksgiving. It is the only holiday surrounded by food, and it’s only celebrated in America and Canada. This gives Americans and Canadians an exclusive holiday. No where else in the world gets to celebrate Thanksgiving.

People rarely think about putting decorations up for Thanksgiving. It’s always Halloween decorations straight to Christmas decorations. A pumpkin ice bucket is a good way to keep your house and your drinks festive. A pine cone door hanging is sure to welcome your family with an enjoyable aroma.

Overall, Thanksgiving is a holiday about commemorating the pilgrims and the Americans making peace with one another. Today in American society it has been modernized and cherished throughout the years. Check out these other great DIY Thanksgiving life hacks.