Candle Haul: These candles are wicked!


Graphic Candle: Natalie Navarra

Natalie Navarra, Staff Writer

These past couple of months, I have been trying to avoid buying candles since I often spend too much money on them. Fortunately I have been gifted two new candles that I am very thrilled to sniff!

“Relax Ocean Mix”

I think this candle is a pretty good candle, but sadly it does not smell like the ocean. It smells more like a sweet candy. The smell of the candle can be pretty intense, and let me just warn everyone by stating that you might get a headache from this candle if you are sensitive to strong scents. Depending on the type of scents you like ,you may or may not find this candle to be relaxing. I found it to be somewhat relaxing before I got a headache. This candle gets ⅗ wicks.

“Uplifting Litsea & Lemongrass”

This candle is probably the worst smelling candle I have ever smelt in my whole entire life. I am already not very fond of lemongrass, so I did not have high expectations for this candle. My nostrils were not prepared for the foul smell of this candle. It smelled like that time where my cat peed all over my room. It has a very sour disturbing smell. I will probably re-gift this candle to my enemy. This candle gets 0/5 wicks.