Sweet winter scents to buy in the spring!


Graphic Credit: Natalie Navarra

Natalie Navarra, Staff Writer

Now that it is finally spring, I find myself still missing the winter time. Especially the festive candles sold in stores during that special time of year. The other day I lit two winter candles to mourn the loss of winter.


“Peppermint Marshmallow” by Bath and Body Works

This candle had a delightful scent when I got it at the store and had not lit it yet. It smelled very minty. I love the scent of mint and marshmallow, so I thought this candle was my soulmate.Unfortunately,the candle was not my soulmate. It was like a creepy old man on Tinder pretending to be someone else. When I lit the candle, the scent totally changed. It was no longer my beloved minty marshmallow candle. It’s scent was disgusting. I learned that mint candles do not smell good when lit up. This candle gets  ⅕ wicks.

“Hot Cocoa & Cream”

This candle I really enjoyed both lit and unlit. I love chocolate, so I knew the second that my nose got a whiff of this candle, I would need it. This candle does not disappoint. When I light it, my whole room smells like delicious chocolate. The only negative is that the scent of the candle makes you hungry. This candle gets ⅘ wicks.