Trading in his green and black for Harvard crimson

Gabby Lerner

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Senior, Will Troutman, posing in his new college colors. Photo Credit: Smriti Tayal

Although he wears green and white on Friday nights, next fall, Will Troutman will don crimson when he takes the field for Harvard University. 

The senior outside linebacker/long snapper, ultimately chose Harvard over Columbia, Davidson and New Hampshire because of academics. 

“I ended up going with Harvard because when I went up and visited, I loved Boston. It is a really cool city with tons of universities, so there are a lot of people my age there. That stood out to me more than when I went to visit Columbia or New Hampshire,” Troutman explained,”When it came down to it, I couldn’t turn down the education.”

Troutman shared how he was called out of class to come and meet a scout, but little did he know, a Harvard representative was waiting to meet him. He recalled being “shocked” when the scout introduced himself, and he knew that Harvard had a really good Ivy League football team, along with top-notch academics.

Managing school work and football for Troutman is “not bad once you get the hang of it.” “My grades are actually better in the fall semester because [football] makes you plan everything out,” he added.

Troutman, who has been playing football for ten years, described how getting into a Division One sports program is not easy. He had to outwork the players next to him, practice hard and play hard. Troutman explained how there is no easy way to get into a Division One school for sports.

“You have to love what you do, and be willing to work,” said Troutman

The senior’s goal is to play in the National Football League (NFL) after studying business in college. He believes that Harvard will guide him to the NFL, while giving him an Ivy League education. 

High School has taught Troutman leadership skills and how to work with all different people, which he explained will help him at Harvard when playing with athletes from all over the country. 

Will Troutman is “super humble and glad to be” in the position he is in.