Serving school victory: a look into the volleyball season


The volleyball team partakes in a drill during practice. Photo Credit: Bridget Frame

Roswell’s varsity volleyball team is excited about this seasons future development of the team’s skill and spirit. The volleyball team has been working very hard at practices to improve on things the team thinks need improving.

Coach Kirk, the head coach of the team, had things to say about how excited she is for this season and the future development of her team’s performance. The coach expressed how much she was looking forward to being more competitive this season, since last season there were a few things holding them back to be at the same level as their competitors. Even though the team this year has what it takes to be at the same level as their competitors, no team is perfect. The coach did mention there is something slightly important that the team is missing. “I think they can definitely improve on being a little more aggressive,” said Coach Kirk.

Coach Kirk and her players are working as hard as they can so they can reach State and show their competitors what all their hard work did for them. 

The players are very hyped for either the same or different reasons. Some are ready for either a new season and its experiences and others for team improvement and stronger bonds as teammates.

Senior Leann Dostie expressed how she was looking forward to “playing some region matches and hopefully reaching State.” So far, the players are improving on what they think is missing for this new season in practice.

Friendly competition is normal for some teams and the volleyball team is no exception. Coach Kirk explained how the Ace players are participating in a friendly competition called the “Ace Race”. The goal of this competition is to see which ace can either pass or make it to the school record of 198 aces. The Ace Race is based off of the friendly competition between Baseball plays Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire. It all started in 1998 where both baseball players tried to see who could make the most home runs in a game. The two competitors in the Ace Race are junior Graham Hills and junior Mariah Haislip. Graham had 76 aces last season while this season she has 84 aces. Mariah has consistently kept 50 aces, but right now, she is at 98 aces. Keep an eye out for who wins the Ace Race.

So far the player’s spirits are high and their skill is even higher, so watch out for the volleyball team this season because there are great things coming from this team.