Are Kroger candles good?


Three of the glorious candles I purchased at Kroger. Photo Credit: Natalie Navarra

One August morning I was walking through my local Kroger running errands for my mother when I saw a gorgeous display of candles that were on sale. I knew in that moment I had to buy them. All three of these candles are by the Candle-Lite Company.

Tropical Fruit Medley
This candle reminds me of my grandma’s house in a good way. It smells very fruity and exotic mixed with an older lady with a lot of cat’s house. I definitely vibe with this candle. This candle gets 5/5 wicks.

Creamy Vanilla Swirl
This candle smells like yummy premade cookie dough that is definitely filled with chemicals, but tastes and smells really good. Unfortunately, if you smell it for a long time it starts to smell like those tissues with lotion in them. I give this candle ⅗ wicks.

Apple Cinnamon Crisp
I really enjoy the spiciness of this candle. When I smelled this the other day when I had a stuffy nose it cleared up my sinuses. I enjoyed the blend of cinnamon and apples together, but I will probably not buy this candle again because I do not like fall candles very much. I give this candle ⅗ wicks

Overall, these candles were okay. I will probably not be buying them again, but they are an inexpensive alternative to yankee candles. I am glad I gave them a sniff, so I will know in the future.