Cooking With Gabby: Perfect Tuna Salad


The mouth watering “perfect tuna salad”. Photo Credit: Gabby Lerner

Tuna salad is a great summer snack or meal. When I craved a tuna salad, I wanted to find an alternate recipe for mayonnaise and tuna. I needed a base that would be creamy and taste great. That is why I use mashed sweet potato to substitute mayonnaise.

My super simple tuna salad takes minutes to make, and can be a perfect snack or meal.


My perfect tuna salad contains:


-half a sweet potato

-a cup of spinach

-hot sauce

The ingredients you will need for the perfect tuna salad. Photo Credit: Gabby Lerner


I first heat up the sweet potato for about eight minutes (or press the potato button on the microwave). While the sweet potato is cooking I open the tuna can, drain the juices, and then ground the tuna in a bowl. 

Once the sweet potato is cooked, I cut it in half, and peel the skin off. Once the skin is peeled, I mash the potato with the tuna. 

I use frozen spinach because it is cheaper and does not go bad, but fresh spinach works, too. I warm up the spinach and then mix it in the tuna and sweet potato. After everything is combined, I pour in hot sauce to taste.  

My perfect tuna salad tastes great with crackers, bread and more. Come back to my blog, “Cooking With Gabby” for more. Enjoy!