Evolution of “Your Mom” jokes

Graphic Credit: Bridget Frame

Graphic Credit: Bridget Frame

Claire Mulkey, Staff Writer

The first “Your Mom” joke was written down in Ancient Babylon, circa 3500 BCE. The words were formatted in a riddle:  “…Your mom is by the one who has intercourse with her. What or who is it?”

The next “Your Mom” joke was written by the most famous playwright of all time, Shakespeare, around 1588-1593 AD. The characters Chiron and Aaron in the play Titus Andronicus said, “Chiron: Thou hast undone our mother. Aaron: Villain, I have done thy mother.”

There was a gap in this category of jokes until the late 20th Century, when an insult was thrown in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975). “Your mother was a hamster…”

The 90’s really popularized “yo mama” jokes, creating a mainstream roast that often started with “Yo mama so fat…” or “Yo mama so dumb…”

These jokes developed so that they became company slogans, like “So good you’ll slap yo mama!”, as well as basic elementary school insults, shouted from big kids in the bus seat behind you.

Recently, “joe mama” has become a trend. For example, “Joe is asking you to homecoming.” “Who’s Joe?” “JOE MAMAAA!” This has actually spread to a “your mom” joke, among actual moms: