Review of Madden 20

Rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes on the cover of Ea Sports’ Madden 20. Photo Credit:

Alex Johnson, Staff Writer

I purchased Madden 20 a couple days ago, and so far it has met my expectations. Personally, I like Madden and I played the previous Maddens over the past couple of years. With the release of Madden 20, there were also a lot of new game modes that were introduced. My favorite new game mode is Superstar K.O., which is a fast-paced game that allows you to set up team using elite players from all around the NFL. These elite players come with X-Factor abilities. By completing a series of challenges these abilities will activate for the elite players, these abilities grant the players a unique power up.

Ultimate Team is a big part in Madden 20, and I think Ultimate Team has gotten better because of these X-Factor abilities. Making and upgrading your own team is its own thing, but with the X-Factor abilities, not only does it make the game more exciting, but it also gives you something to work at. In the previous Madden games, you could only upgrade your cards. Now, in the new Ultimate Team, you must complete sometimes over one hundred challenges to receive a X-Factor player. Having a X-Factor or multiple elite players on your team furthers your chance to win the game.

Many people do not like Madden because of the lack of changes that EA has made to their game each year. Some people will even go as far and say that EA is just releasing the same game with a different cover each year. Madden 20 has many new characteristics that are very different from Madden 19, and the game will continue to get better in the future with more updates.