Roswell Varsity Softball celebrates Senior Night with a Win against Lambert

Ava Weinreb, Director of Business

Ava Weinreb
A look onto the softball field as players prepare for their final home game.

Softball completed their season this past month, wrapping up their competitive season with a home win on senior night. The team bid farewell to three seniors this year, #7 Tatum Armstrong, #10 Brooke Henry and #12 Savannah Nolan. The team honored the seniors with flowers and letters from their parents, coaches and teammates. The teams first inning had the Hornets falling behind by two runs against their opponent Lambert. After several nail biting innings  the Hornets bounced back in the sixth inning hitting two home runs and plating another two in the final inning. The Hornets strutted off the field, winning 4-3.  

Senior Brooke Henry reflected on her time as a Lady Hornet, saying, “After playing softball since 6th grade for junior Hornets it’s hard to believe its over. Softball gave me the opportunity to do a sport that I love in a challenging and supportive environment. It taught me the values of being part of a team and pushing myself  for the benefit of the whole rather than just myself.”

Ava Weinreb
senior Tatum Armstrong is up to bat her final time as a Roswell Hornet.


The team also celebrated their final win of the season with mixed emotions. Said Senior Savannah Nolan:

“Playing my last season of softball was sad and fun at the same time. I’m gonna miss so many of the girls. Although we did not make it to playoffs, the Roswell High School Softball team of 2019 has never gotten the opportunity to compete for the 4th spot in the region. It was amazing to see our team come together and pull off so many wins that  we haven’t done in years. It was hard to say goodbye, but I know I will always come and visit. We were together everyday, we weren’t just teammates for two months, we became a family, that will never be forgotten.”

Congratulations on your amazing season, Softball!