Lady Hornets basketball outlook with Lauren Hudgins

Ana Ferreira, Staff Writer

With just a few weeks until the beginning of basketball season, the Lady Hornets are already preparing for it, doing conditioning three times a week and workouts since early September. They have to practice in the mornings and in the afternoon, doing timing sprints, weightlifting and other gym activities to exercise the muscles. 

The team is confident about this new season and really working hard, and although they have reached “runner up regionals and the Elite 8 for the state last year”, they hope to surpass their previous results and stand out more, accomplishing more. 

Last year’s Lady Hornets made an Elite 8 run.

Sophomore Lauren Hudgins (shooting guard and small forward), when questioned about the team’s weaknesses said that she doesn’t really think they have any weaknesses, showing how balanced the team is. Even though the Lady Hornets didn’t win a championship last year, Lauren doesn’t consider the other teams better, and in her opinion it was all about “bad games” when sometimes their offense or defense is off, so “it kinda varies”.

In the spring, Hudgins also plays on a travel team where people from various areas, including out of state, compete in championships. This team travels to Kentucky, Florida, North and South Carolina, Alabama and plays against other travel teams around the country. 

When asked why she decided to play basketball, Lauren said, “I tried out because my dad was a coach and I did one day of practice and I had a lot of fun with it, so I thought I’d continue playing and I love it now.” 

Hudgins has played basketball since 4th grade but she doesn’t intend to play as a career. She thinks it would be fun to play in college, but “that is a lot of responsibility” and she doesn’t know if she wants to “have that much responsibility in college, but definitely throughout high school.”

To Lauren, the feeling of playing is what she likes the most about basketball and it helps her in days she finds herself stressed out. When asked about her own abilities, she would like to improve her ball handling and her speed: “I am a fast person and I am pretty good at dribbling, but putting two and two together […] and being able to beat the defender with different ways besides just crossover behind the back between the legs.” 

Hudgins believes the girls have a good relationship. “Everybody is getting along well this year and everybody uplifting like when we all are running everyone is clapping each other on and cheering, which is a good and rare thing to have on a team, so I think the relationship between our team is good. It is a strong environment.” 

When asked about Coach Wade, who is responsible for the girls basketball team, the athlete stated that she likes him. “He knows a lot about the sport and he is very devoted to Roswell and he will do anything to win. You can count on him to make sure we will get somewhere,” added Lauren. 

Comparing the attention people give between the boys team and the girls’, Hudgins says that the boys do get more, because “their game may be a lit bit faster paced”. But still the Lady Hornets get honors for their achievements. 

In addition to basketball, Lauren also plays lacrosse and softball, but right now she is focusing on the upcoming basketball season and training really hard with her teammates so they can accomplish better results this year and bring a lot of victories to the name of the Lady Hornets.