The Madden curse


The cover of Madden featuring Rob Gronkowski on the 2017 edition. Photo Credit: Gabby Lerner

There has been a lot of debate over if the Madden curse is real or not.  I have looked at the Madden covers from 2016 to 2020, and I have shocking information.

Madden is a video game, in which a person can play as a team in the National Football League (NFL). The curse is on the cover of the game. Each season, the game is updated, and a different player is put on the cover. However, the player on the cover ends up getting injured or unlucky within that season or season to come.

The player on the 2016 cover is Odell Beckham Jr. Beckham is currently a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, but that year, he played for the New York Giants. Beckham did not suffer any injuries that season, but the following season he fractured his ankle and missed over half the season.

In 2017, former player, Rob Gronkowski, was on the cover. Gronkowski was a tight end for the New England Patriots, and won several super bowls. However, that season, he strained his knee and missed a game. During that season, he missed one game due to a thigh bruise, and the season after, he missed three games due to a back injury. Furthermore, Gronkowski retired at the end of the 2019 season due to several concussions, and various surgeries. 

The Madden cover in 2018 is Tom  Brady. Tom Brady is the quarterback for the New England Patriots, and has won six super bowls. That season, Tom Brady and the Patriots made it to the superbowl. However, they were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles. 

In 2019, the cover player was Antonio Brown. Brown played wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers that season.  At the end of that season, he requested a trade, and was traded to the Oakland Raiders. During the 2020 preseason, he had several instances with the team causing him to be released. Fortunately for him, he was signed by the New England Patriots a day later. Brown played one game with the Patriots, before he was accused of sexual assault and rape. Antonio Brown was then released by the Patriots. Antonio Brown was never resigned by any team and lost deals with several companies including Nike.

The 2020 Madden cover is Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is currently a quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes played several games this season before suffering a knee injury. However, Mahomes will only miss a couple of weeks due to the injury and is considered lucky.

If a player is put on a Madden cover, they better watch out; they never know when bad luck will strike!