Cooking with Gabby: Shrimp Skewers


The ingredients you will need to make these delicious shrimp skewers. Photo Credit: Gabby Lerner

I love seafood and also anything on a stick. The perfect combination of the two are my shrimp skewers. They are perfect for lunch, dinner and a snack.

The ingredients for my skewers are:




-choice of seasonings

-olive oil

-something to skew the shrimp and veggies with

I first make sure the shrimp are peeled and the tails are taken off. I then put them on skewers with onions and zucchini. I season the shrimp and veggies with olive oil and chipotle roasted garlic seasoning, but any seasoning would work with this dish.

I then grill the skewers until the shrimp is pink, and the vegetables are cooked (squishy). 

The skewers taste great with any sauce or dip desired, and is a great healthy option.

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