Love and Luck disappoints as it does not meet its full potential


Jenna Evans Welch’s story of Irish adventures is a sweet, uninspiring read. Photo Credit: Claire Mulkey

Jenna Evans Welch’s second book, Love and Luck came so close to success. Unfortunately, each time the story gained some momentum, it slipped away. 

The premise of the book centers around Addie, a high schooler who visits Ireland for her aunt’s wedding. Haunted by events from the previous year, she attempts to mend her broken heart by using a guide titled “Ireland for the Heartbroken: An Unconventional Guide to the Emerald Isle.” On the way, her plans to go see her best friend in Italy are disrupted, and she is sent on a wild road trip with her older brother, Ian, and his Irish friend Rowan.

The plot of the book sounds interesting, though, like basic rom-com type material. It isn’t my typical read, but sometimes it’s good to choose a lighter topic. The issue with Love and Luck, however, is its inability to create an invigorating, varied story. 

The feel of the book is rainy and mellow, though it could be full of laughter and fun. The story continually builds up, seemingly to a climax, only to melt away into a happy sort of blah-ness. Ultimately, Love and Luck never met its full potential and now fades in my memory like the mundane shade of the book cover.