Ultraboosts are the best running shoe


The all white color version of the New Adidas Ultraboost 19. Photo Credit: https://fayetteville.rockcitykicks.com

Alex Johnson, Staff Writer

I purchased the Adidas Ultraboost 19 shoes a couple weeks ago and so far, they have exceeded my expectations. The new Ultraboost is a running shoe made from Adidas’s unique “Boost Foam” The Foam at the bottom of the shoe makes this shoe significantly more comfortable. With the shoe being as comfortable as it is, this helps with how much you can do in the shoe itself. Such as hiking, biking, running, and it can act as an all-around regular day fashion shoe. The new design for the Adidas 19 shoes that separates itself from the previous Adidas 4.0 shoes is the actual logo is a larger plastic logo rather than the 4.0’s smaller logo. I bought my Ultraboost in the all-white color but with their many different color varieties the Ultraboost will continue to be the best running shoe.