The Queen of the Mat

Gabby Lerner, Staff Writer

Wrestling is a difficult sport that requires upper and lower body strength, as well as strategy and technique. 

Junior Jenna Keiser is one of the only girls on the wrestling team. She has been on the team for one year, proving that wrestling isn’t just for boys.

When Jenna first came to head wrestling coach, Coach Bradach, about wrestling, he was happy to have her on the team. However, she did not just have to win over Coach’s respect, she had to win over her teammates’.

“At the beginning of the year they were like, what the heck is this girl doing here? I then showed them that I was here to work,” said Jenna.

Jenna described that, in her first match, she lasted the entire six minutes, while most rookies last about twenty seconds.

Sandi Zack
Junior Jenna Keiser competes in her last match.

 “I think I earned a good amount of respect in that,” explained Jenna.

Because Jenna is the only girl on the team, she practices with all of the other guys.

“I don’t think of it as, oh I’m the only girl and there are thirty other guys here,” said Jenna. 

During training, the team runs, does medicine ball snap downs, sledge hammer hits onto a tire, pullups, weights and sandbag squats.The wrestling team does a lot of lower body work because most of the sport involves lower body strength.

As well as conditioning with the boys, Jenna also wrestles guys in her weight class. 

“It’s not as weird as people think, you get over it especially if you have a partner who’s okay with it,” stated Jenna. 

During matches, Jenna also wrestles boys. 

Sandi Zack
Junior Jenna Keiser waits for her next competitor

“It’s weird because sometimes you get in really weird positions, but only people in the stands are thinking that. I’m thinking about how to get out of it,” explained Jenna, “You can beat a guy. If you get into more technique and endurance, you will be fine.”

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