Blow off some steam with hot yoga this season

During Thanksgiving break, I tried hot yoga. I had never done a yoga class before, only tried YouTube videos. 

Everyone at the yoga place was super nice. My yoga instructor (I don’t remember her name) was very pregnant and was still more flexible than the whole class. 

As I walked into the studio, it was very stuffy and humid; it felt like Florida in July. When the class started, it wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t sweating that much, and I was able to keep up with everyone.

Twenty minutes later, I was slipping in my own sweat. I could not focus or keep up with my pregnant instructor because I had sweat in my eyes. There was no time during class to stop for water or mop up my sweat puddle, so I struggled until the hour class was over.

Overall, I don’t recommend hot yoga if you hate sweating. It is great for people who want to burn several hundred calories in an hour, but terrible for someone who hates to sweat, like me.