Catch Downton Abbey, the movie, in theaters


Downton lovers in front of a backdrop of the famed Crawley manor. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Claire Mulkey, Staff Writer

The “Downton Abbey” movie is a must-see for both Downton diehards and newbies to the Crawley family. You don’t have to have followed the series religiously to understand the plot, as it is a totally new storyline. Released on September 20, the film is out on DVD, but can still be found at local movie theaters, like Roswell’s own “dollar movie,” the Picture Show at Merchant’s Exchange.

The storyline revolves around the King and Queen’s visit to the Crawley estate. Of course, quaint English drama ensues involving the extensive cast of Crawleys and servants. The King’s arrival brings competitive royal servants, love interests, rival cousins, and a threat to the Crown. Most of the beloved Downton characters are featured in the movie, adding a special layer to the movie for old fans.

The two hour and two minute movie has been met with a mostly positive reception, receiving a 7.6/10 stars on IMDB. Though it seems like a typical period drama, it is truly a whimsical, nostalgic watch. Audiences will laugh, cry, and long for the provincial lifestyle of the English countryside. “Downton Abbey” is the perfect film for people tired of the usual noise and chaos of action movies. Watch “Downton Abbey” if you want to unwind and enjoy another world during the hectic holiday season.