What will we be wearing in 2020?


The 2020 fashion trends are subverting traditional values while still throwing back to older trends. Photo Credit: Unsplash

2019 had the rise of scrunchies, mom jeans, white sneakers and more throwbacks to the ’80s. What will 2020 have in store for fashion?

1. Structured Suits- The rise of the power suit has come back in full form. Mixing gender roles between men and women seems to be the future of fashion in 2020. Women will wear more masculine items with a feminine touch and men will wear more items traditionally extended towards women. One example is Timothee Chalamet, who has worn some women’s suits by designer Stella McCartney.


2. Tiny Bags- While not entirely functional, the tiny bag trend is becoming more and more popular in celebrity culture. Singer Lizzo brought a comically small Jacquemus bag to the recent MTV Video Music Awards. It was chic and showstopping, going viral across the internet.


3. Edgy Details- While dressing alternatively was previously on the fringes of fashion, gothic details have come to popular style. Chains and ripped details are being sold in more mainstream stores, not just Hot Topic. Platform boots have also come into the mainstream and we may see even more parts of goth culture entrenched in 2019 fashion.


4. New Decades, with a throwback- While 2019 fashion focused heavily on 80’s style, a 70’s throwback can be expected in 2020. Bell-Bottoms and platform boots are being popularized. Hopefully, we can all tap into our inner flower-child in the 2020s!