How to Help Your Mental Health This Semester

Isabella Cordell, Director of Communications

Natasha Spencer, Unsplashed
Mental health is important to your overall health. Make sure to help your mental health throughout the rest of the school year.

Due to the quick transition from stress-free to stressful that comes with the transition from winter break to the start of the new year, January is not the best month for your mental health. Nevertheless, there are easy ways to help your mental health despite the stress. 


Take some time for yourself 

Whether you are doing a face mask, watching an episode of your favorite TV show or playing with your dog, find a way to unwind and enjoy your free time. No matter how busy you are, everyone can take at least ten minutes to participate in self-care. 


Get organized

Part of the problem with the constant bombardment of stress in high school is that it can be hard to feel in control and organized. Get a planner or schedule and plan out when you will complete assignments, study for a test or spend time with friends.


Don’t be too hard on yourself 

No person is infallible. Even if you do poorly on a test, you are not a failure. Start the year off with a positive mindset by taking responsibility for your mistakes, yet not considering every problem in your life to be your fault.