Why We Should Recycle

Maynor Chinchilla, Staff Writer

Maynor Chinchilla
Recycle is a really good way to preserve our planet.

Recycling is the practice of converting waste into reusable material. Although this on its own will not save the planet, even the little things help.

For example, consider plastic bottles.  Everything starts by having a drink like sweet tea or soda that came in a plastic bottle. Then when you finish this drink, you throw it in the trash can, not in the recycle bin. This trash is taken to different places depending on the country, state and city that you live in. The good part is that for those who live in Atlanta, the trash is burned by natural fuels that do not hurt our planet. However, to make new bottles, these companies need to use more natural sources and some of these companies use fuels that destroy the planet even faster. These bottles could be used again or made into new things that don’t destroy the earth or our home. Other plastic bottles ended in sources destroying rivers, the homes of animals, and our homes.

Maynor Chinchilla
Recycling means a better future for us and for those poor animals

Some animals died because they try to eat little pieces of this human-made thing. For some animals, these things are new and they think that they are part of the environment, which kills them. I hope you change your mind about recycling and how we need to take care of the planet because this is one of the solutions to global warming, climate change, and saving the Earth, our home.

Maynor Chinchilla
By not recycling, we are destroying other animals homes or killing them without justification.