Beantown Girls-A Review

Claire Mulkey, Staff Writer

Claire Mulkey
The Beantown Girls is a 2019 release by author Jane Healey

Beantown Girls is a newly released historical fiction book by author Jane Healey. The story centers around three best friends from Boston who volunteer to travel WWII-era Europe as Red Cross Clubmobile girls. They serve the American troops stationed overseas, giving them coffee, doughnuts, and entertainment. They brave their fears and uncertainties, leaving home and their families behind to support the soldiers.

Along the way, the girls prove their strength to their somewhat-doubting leader, Ms. ___. They work hard, but have fun, too! Their nights off include glamorous outfits, Red Cross dances, concerts, and military dates. Each of the girls meets someone special while overseas and make many friendships, too. 

This book is an entertaining, emotional read, but is fairly predictable and basic. It is the typical wartime, romantic, heroine chick-read that you expect. However, it is worth it because the characters are likable and the plot is engaging. Choose this book when you need a light read.