The future of NFL quarterback: Tom Brady


Tom Brady’s Instagram post following their loss to the Tennessee Titans. Photo Credit: Tom Brady Instagram

Gabby Lerner, Copy Editor

With the New England Patriots’ season ended, many are wondering what the forty-two-year-old quarterback will do next. 

The New England Patriots finished their season 12-4, one of their losses coming from the playoff Wildcard Round against the Tennessee Titans. 

Tom Brady has played for the Patriots for twenty seasons and is currently a free agent. Many have been asking, “Will he re-sign with the Patriots? Will he sign with another team like his childhood hero Joe Montana? Will he retire?” 

I think Tom Brady will play another season, at least. In an Instagram post, Brady said that he “has more to prove”, and he will be back in the arena [football field]. I also think Tom Brady will stay with the New England Patriots because it is the only team he has played for and he is used to the system he has played in. 

I think Tom Brady has two to three seasons left in him and is the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL.