How our counselors feel about their jobs and helping students

Maynor Chinchilla

Sometimes we have a problem in school that can be personal, academic, or some other type of problem. The place to go is Student Services, where counselors can be found. Each counselor at Roswell High School is assigned to students by their last names. When you have a problem or you are worried about something in school, visit the counselor because they are in the school to help. After getting help, a student can feel happy or know what to do with a problem. However, we have never asked how the counselors feel about helping the students.

Drew Glover, one of the counselors in Roswell High School. Also one of the many people in the school that we need to tell thank you every day. Credit: Maynor Chinchilla

Sadly, the Roswell Sting could not interview everyone, but they interviewed three counselors: Judy Bissett, Drew Glover, and Malongo Mukenge. One of the things that they all agree on is that they love their job. Their answers differed when asked why they chose to become counselors. Judy Bissett thought since high school that this was a cool job and she has always liked to help others since a young age. Drew Glover was a teacher but felt that he wanted to help the students even more. Malongo Mukenge told the Roswell Sting that she likes to work with teenagers and help them. Before being a counselor, Malongo Mukenge was in the business world. She thought that the change from the business world to education was a good change, and always knew since young age that her role in life was to help others. 

The counselors’ jobs are to help students with their personal, academic, and social problems. Also, they have a message for students who are scared to talk to them about personal problems: don’t be scared because they will not tell other people about your problems. They are there to help you by listening and giving advice. Also, because of the diversity of the school, they have two translators to help the students and counselors understand each other. This shows us that they don’t have anything that would stop them from helping a student. Roswell High School has six counselors, two translators, one social worker, and one graduation coach. 

Students Services in Roswell High School the place where students can find help every single day. Credit: Maynor Chinchilla

To the counselors, the entire school has something to tell you: Thank you. Thank you for caring about strangers you don’t know personally yet. Thank you for not caring about our race, sexuality, or other things. Thank you for hearing our problems and thank you for helping us to solve them.