Roswell Theater Represented at State-Level Interviews


Patrick Marcigliano

Emily Harrell(10) is a semi-finalist for the Governors Honors Program, auditioning as a theater major.

Rajath Prabhakar, Sports Editor

This is the first installment of a series on the GHP Semifinalists from Roswell High School

Applying to the Governors Honors Program is a notoriously long process. From start to finish, the process totals approximately 7 months, the same time elapsed as college applications. In many ways, a GHP experience is almost identical to a college experience. Said a past Music Major: ““The knowledge that I gained from GHP will help me perfect my craft far beyond this summer, and my experience opened me up to the next stage of success in my field of study”. 

Applicants had to have a teacher recommendation, and be nominated by Fulton County to be considered for the application. The application involved 3 essays, as well as a showcase of the relevant area he or she was nominated in.  

We have the opportunity to gain true relationships with each other”

— Emily Harrell, Sophomore

On January 24, the semifinalists who would advance to the state-level interview at Berry College were notified. Among those selected to advance was sophomore Emily Harrell, who was applying in the theater category. 

Emily has been involved in theater since she was three. One of her most memorable moments in this field was winning the Region Championships for Roswell in 2018. Each school in the region picked a different play, with performance times ranging from 45 minutes to an hour. Roswell performed Jungle Book, and won 3 different awards, including Best Show, Best Lead Actress (Sr. Charlie Plese), and Best Ensemble.  

Roswell Theater Company
Members of Roswell’s Theater Troupe pose for a photo after winning Region AAAAAAA One-Act State Championships.

One thing Harrell likes about theater is that it connects people. “We have the opportunity to gain true relationships with each other”, she explained. “Having the chance to be someone other than ourselves” is a great way to build relationships with other actors. 


Emily’s journey has not been without hiccups. “Sometimes, I’ve felt like I’m not good enough for theater”, she said. “But it always helped knowing that I have a supportive group of friends in theatre that are always there to help me”. 


Emily’s state interview is on February 29th, at Berry College. Good luck at State, Emily!