The struggle of growing out bangs


While bangs may look amazing, managing them are complicated. Photo Credit: UnSplash

In December, I made an impulsive decision to get bangs. They were very cute, but styling them was a pain and it gave me forehead acne. Click here to read my blog about my initial reaction to getting bangs. 

That is why I’m on a journey of growing out my bangs. If I would have known how much of a pain it was to grow them out, I never would have gotten them.

I have to now style my bangs so they are off my face. I usually just put on a headband. I hate wearing headbands because they hurt my head and give me a headache. Also, they are expensive. I constantly have to fix my hair because random pieces of my bangs stick out and look awkward.

Also, pinning my hair back is the worst because the pieces of my bangs get out throughout the day, especially when it is windy. Also, I do not like pinning back my hair because it takes me a while to do.

According to google and my mother, it takes four months for bangs to grow out, which is tragic. Four months of me wearing the same two headbands. 

It looks awkward, not a cute look. No matter how much you want bangs do not do it.