Roswell gets flurried by a surprise snow day!


Ainsley and Gabby Gillespie pose with the snowman they made. Photo Credit: Claire Mulkey

Claire Mulkey, Copy Editor

This past Friday, Roswell students were excited by flurries during the school day. However, the flurries paled in comparison the next morning when students awoke to almost two inches of snow! 

Some high school students spent their day indoors, snuggled up in their warm beds. Others reverted back to their childhood days and played in the snow all day, making snowmen, sledding, and having snowball fights. 

Brookfield residents usually flock to Hole 3 to sled down the slopes, but because of the torrents of rain earlier in the week, much of the golf course was flooded. This kept most potential sledders away. 

 Unfortunately, the snow was mostly gone by the next day. It was fun while it lasted!