Review of specialized birthday candles


This is the specialized candle I got for my birth month. Photo Credit: Natalie Navarra

Natalie Navarra, Staff Writer

One day while I was browsing through Instagram, I came across an ad for “Birthday Candles”. Immediately, I was intrigued.

 It is a candle company that makes a candle uniquely for the day you were born, which has a specific scent, reading, and a tarot card for you. It also tells you your ruling planet and ruling number. 

I’m obsessed with astrology and psychic stuff, so I knew I had to get it. I immediately bought my birthday candle, which is February 28th. 

I realized when I was looking through the candles that each day in a specific zodiac sign had the same scent. At first I was disappointed  by this because I thought each day had a different scent. It makes sense because it would not be logical to make over 300 different scents, but I was a little disappointed. 

My candles scent was astriking cedarwood, oil of guaiac, and musk underneath a more calming herbal thyme and jasmine blend.” That scent is usually something I would not buy because I am more into floral candles, but I liked the scent more than I thought I would-it was very relaxing and reminded me of the beach.

The reading on the candle was a bit disappointing because I had such high expectations. The candle said I am an independent and calm person, which accurately describes me.

I do not know why, but I was not very satisfied and was expecting more. 

My tarot card that symbolized me was “The Magician.” I was not expecting to get the card, but I like that card, so it was a nice surprise.

Overall, I like the concept of these candles, but I would not suggest it to a friend, or get it again. The scent was okay, but I don’t really care for it. The readings are mediocre because they do not tell you very much, and there is not a lot of space to put it on the candle.

I think I had such high expectations, which is why I am disappointed. The candle cost $38, which is pretty expensive for a candle, and I wish I did not spend my money on it.

However, it burned for 60 to 80 hours, and is hand poured with natural ingredients. I give this candle 3.5/5 wicks.