Girls’ Tennis Season is Beginning

Ansley Tanner, Staff Writer

There are many influential women in tennis today, such as Serena and Venus Williams; maybe one of the Roswell players will end up becoming a professional player like them.

Getting involved with a school sport is a great way to branch out and make new friends at your school. One of these sports is tennis. The tennis program at Roswell High School has a great environment and has been very successful in previous years. The team brought home the title of State Champions in 2012. During the 2019 season, the girls’ varsity team made it all the way to the second round of state. 

During the 2020 season, the Varsity tennis team has had many practices, as well as two matches. They played both North Forsyth and Blessed Trinity (BT). They took all lines in the North Forsyth match and only played half of the match against BT due to weather conditions. So far, they are undefeated and are on a great track for success this season, and many to come. Sophomore Anna Mullen said, “My favorite part is travelling with my teammates and how everyone cheers each other on.” 


The Junior Varsity (JV) team has had one match so far this season. They defeated Cherokee High School 3-2. Both the JV and Varsity tennis teams create great opportunities for these girls to build relationships and have fun playing their favorite sport. When a group of students come together and compete, their bond becomes stronger than before and these friendships last. Tennis is a great way for these girls to connect with people outside of their grade as well, as there are all different age levels from freshmen to seniors on the team. 

Come show your support for the team in future matches and show your school spirit! Keep up the great work for the rest of the season Lady Hornets!


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My favorite part is travelling with my teammates and how everyone cheers each other on.”

— Anna Mullen, Sophomore