Into the Wild causes debates among high school students


This is a copy of “Into The Wild” that includes a new afterword. Photo Credit: Ansley Tanner

“Into the Wild” by John Krakauer tells the true story of a man named Christopher McCandless who hitchhiked across America in search of serenity and unity with nature. He makes it to his final destination, Alaska, where he dies.

Many AP Language students are now reading this book for class, so many different opinions have been formed on Chris. Some people validate him in his journey and understand his desire to be isolated from civilization. However, some believe that he was selfish and threw away all of his life for nothing. When he went on his expedition, he was gravely unprepared and most likely knew he was going to die. Before he departed, he abandoned his car, burned his money, and wrote good riddance letters to all of his friends.

Read the book and form an opinion for yourself!