Hornets Baseball: Midseason Review

Alex Johnson, Staff Writer

Ben Sutter, Athletic Director
Beautiful night for baseball as the sunset meets the clouds over John P. Coen SR Field.

Baseball season is here and that means the Roswell is ready to compete. Roswell’s 2020 baseball season has been different when comparing the Junior Varsity (JV) versus the Varsity teams.

 The Varsity has started off strong with a 4-0 record; however, JV is off to a slower start with a 1-2 record. There is much more to come from these two teams, although both JV and Varsity have had many games rained out. 

Junior Varsity has had visitors’ luck with their only win being on the road at Harrison High School thus far (12-3). With those losses comes mistakes, and learning from your mistakes is the best way to get better at anything, especially in baseball. JV has nineteen players on their roster this year with eleven freshmen and nine sophomores. 

“We have really worked hard to get to where we are now and to see all of us working to build and develop our team as a whole, we have all come a long way, and I think it will eventually pay off,” says freshman Lawson Jarrett (JV).

Varsity is doing excellent with their 4-0 record and will continue to outplay their opponents if their pitching keeps doing as good as they’ve been. Pitching is the key to success in baseball, and also the key in getting wins. This is all Roswell’s Varsity team has been doing, along with their batters in the lineup. The 2020 Varsity roster consists of 18 players with seven seniors, ten juniors and one sophomore. 

Both JV and Varsity have a lot of talent and there are big things to come with both of these groups of men.

The game of baseball has a special place in these players hearts which is why they strive to become bigger and better everyday, while also doing what they love. Hopefully these players at Roswell High School will pursue a career in baseball so we can see them on the big screen while knowing that they used to be Roswell Hornet.