Considering starting my fitness journey


Working out can be a great way to start off the 2020 year. Photo Credit: UnSplash

Chloe Scott, Instagram Co-Captain

My father is a fitness head. It’s believable, considering he went to Furman University on a full football scholarship. He has his moments where his ability to meet his standards wavers, but he is usually committed to health. For example, he is currently on an intermittent fasting diet. In the mornings, he rides his mountain bike along the trails found throughout Georgia and goes to the gym in his office building when he’s able to find the time. He eats salad every night and I still have flashbacks to the months he used to make my siblings and I  do the same.

He’s always pushed me to be healthy, if only to workout in my room for an hour a day. Just like every teenager I would for about a week, then completely refuse. Now that I’m getting older and have certain things going in my life that I know being active would help with, I’m starting to seriously consider getting into fitness. My dad wants me to try eating healthy for a month, because we both know that it could completely change my life for the better. I eat way too many carbs, and to add to that, diabetes runs in the family. I’m also iron deficient, so my distaste for meat isn’t exactly helping me either. I know that eating better would cause me to feel better literally from the inside out, but I just love bread so much.

Now that I’m almost about to get my license, my dad and I have discussed how much freedom I’ll be given when it comes to getting from point A to point B. Incorporating morning runs to the gym into my schedule would help me not only to get in shape, but to start my morning off productively. I’ve been to the gym a couple of times, so I have a limited sense of the way the community operates and how to use the machinery. I would bring friends with me to make the experience more memorable and motivating, but once I begin to see the progress of my body changing I know my determination will be hard to dismiss. 

I’m excited to begin this process, but first I know that I need to have a conversation with myself on whether or not I’m going to seriously commit to the athletic journey.