Senioritis is causing seniors to stop hitting the books and keep hitting snooze


Lindsay Burgess and Saima Firoj work hard on their Valedictorian and Salutatorian speeches. Photo Credit: Smriti Tayal

Smriti Tayal, Director of Design

For seniors, the second semester of their year is one of the most memorable, but also one of the hardest. During this time, many are getting exciting news about college acceptances and the thought of starting a new chapter creates a loss of motivation among seniors. In order to move past the looming senioritis, use these tips to combat the motivation loss and make senior the best year!


1. Create a calendar or agenda to keep your tasks organized. 


2. Balance out your social life with your school life. Take days off to relax and have fun, but make sure to still get the work done.


3. Study in groups so that the task of studying does not get boring.


4. Celebrate your short-term goals and long-term goals so you feel more motivated to keep going.


5. Ask for help. If you are struggling, your teachers and friends are always there to give you advice.