Update and end to the wildfires in Australia


The increase in rainfall finally gives the firefighters a long awaited break. Photo credit: Bcslogic.com

Noah Goulbourne

Since Sep. 2019, bushfires have been destroying Australia. The fires all started due to the giant drought season back in 2017. “This season’s fires began early and have claimed 33 lives in the past four months, killed millions of animals, and charred an area nearly the size of Greece,” says Reuters.  Chill temperatures and rainfall are helping decrease the amount of the ferocious bushfires. For example, “Some 75 fires were still burning in the state on Saturday, down from well over 100 a few days ago,” says BBC. Despite the raging fires, Queensland has received a wholesome amount of rain. BBC also says, “The state of Queensland has had some of the heaviest rainfall Australia has seen in months.” Since the fires began, firefighters have had to work nonstop all around Australia. With the rain finally coming in, firefighters have gotten a break from taking down the bushfires.

Sophomore Jakob Torino says, “During this terrible period I’d felt minuscule just hearing about how large the fires were getting, but I am relieved to know that it is all coming to an end”.


The Guardian says, “For many firefighters, the most important gift the rain has given is a break from mental and physical fatigue”. After rainfall, the ground must be completely dry for the firefighters to get back to work on stabilizing the fires. The new rainfall was also a big relief for the people. NY Post states, “Melbourne residents praised the rain as thunderstorms hit the Victoria capital“. Once the rainfall extinguishes the bushfires, families can finally rebuild their homes.