Freshman athletes: the dynamic duo

Gabby Lerner

Freshmen Katie Northenor and Ashley Meyer have had a different experience than most during their first year of high school. Most students are worried about adjusting to a new environment, while these two are participating in two varsity sports: basketball and soccer.


The 2019-2020 girl’s varsity basketball season ended abruptly with the Lady Hornets’ loss to Pebblebrook High School in the first round of the playoffs. 

The girl’s varsity basketball team in a team huddle
Photo by: Dana Simone Photography

Northenor and Meyer were two of the four freshmen that played on the varsity team, but sometimes players from junior varsity would ‘play up’ in varsity games. 


“I liked it because the team got close, and it was cool having a lot of freshmen,” explained Katie Northenor.


Towards the end of the basketball season, the athletes had to manage both basketball and soccer practices. On some days, Northenor and Meyer had basketball practice before school, and soccer practice after. The athletes also had to miss soccer preseason practices for basketball.


“The worst is when we had to do both at the same time, and we wanted to go to one practice, but we had to go to the other, and we missed soccer preseason,” described Ashley Meyer. 

Both Meyer and Northenor agreed that it was difficult managing basketball, soccer, and school work. 

Freshmen, Katie Northenor and Ashley Meyer posing on team picture day in their varsity soccer uniforms
Photo by: Catherine Wagner

“I really miss basketball because the team was so close, but I’m ready for soccer,” Northenor shared while looking back at her first basketball season.

“At the same time, I was so into starting soccer that I didn’t appreciate basketball at the end because when it actually ended, I was more sad than I thought, and I didn’t realize how much I was gonna miss it,” explained Meyer.


As soccer begins, Northenor and Meyer are two of the three freshmen on the varsity team. They have several goals for the season, including starting in games and winning the state championship. 


“I would like to get closer to the team, make new friends, and obviously become a starter,” Northenor described. 


Although most think that playing on a varsity team is a big deal, the duo sees every practice and game as just “another day”.


“I don’t really think of it as that big of a deal, it’s just like ‘oh I’m going to basketball’, or ‘oh I’m going to soccer,’” shared Northenor.