How the TROS should have been…


One of the movie posters for the new movie. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Many people have heard rumors from online sources and platforms about how “The Rise of Skywalker” should have ended up being and along with speculation of a 3 hour JJ Abrams cut. Throughout the last few month’s many fans and critics had complaints of things they had wished would have happened in the movie along with how the trailer set up big moments that ended up being super small.

For beginners we all wanted to know the backstory of my main boy General Palpitaten, because he supposedly had been alive since episode 1 and throughout the whole saga. The movie only shows him on Exogol with absolutely no clear answer on how he is still alive. On the note of the background and location of Exogol, many fans were disappointed with how we saw so little of the planet when the detail and importance of it were so major it deserved more attention.

One missing piece was that we never got an answer or response to what Finn wanted to say to Rey that was so majorly important, and just felt like it was unnecessary for them to leave it in the movie if they weren’t going to give us a clear and logical answer for what he was going to say to Rey.

One of the biggest disappointments with the movie was how we only got to see Luke Skywalker in force ghost form and no-one else, I personally was hoping for an intimate and legendary force ghost scene with my king Anikian Skywalker (Darth Vader) and Kyle REN but unfortunately, that did not happen. In the end, we only got a montage of past Jedi and got to hear their voices which were just a whole let down.

Along with that, a script for episode nine got leaked and fans were fired up due to seeing how this version was much more what they were anticipating. “The Rise of Skywalker” was a decent movie but in the end could have had so much more detail and depth to it.